• Platypi in a nut shell

    Officially Platypi Designs Inc. is a web site design company that has been in business since 2002.  We specialize in working with start-ups, small business and not-for-profits organizations.

    As you can tell that is our boiler plate company description and I’m sure other web design companies can say the same thing.  To find out more about Tanya Riemann, the founder of Playtpi as well as our company history and how we are different click on the titles below.  Enjoy!

  • The Founder of Platypi


    Tanya Riemann

    Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Tanya Riemann and I’m the founder of Platypi Designs Inc.

    My education includes an Honours B.A. in Modern Languages and Linguistics from McMaster University as well as a Webmaster – Design post graduate certificate from Seneca College.

    I have had a great time running my own business.  As with everything there have been bumps and bruises but what I have gained from this experience and will continue to gain makes it all worthwhile.

    My style of doing business is relatively casual but professional.  I like to be relaxed, open and honest in business meetings.  If I’m meeting a prospect for the first time I make sure to ask a lot of questions, listen carefully to their answers as well take notes on my Initial Prospect Meeting document, which I devised years ago and have been updating as required so that it still works for me to this day.

    I pride myself on not being “just a web site designer” but earning a person’s trust so that I become a valued business associate and perhaps, down the road, a friend.

    It has taken a long while for me to define my business style.  Rest assured even with my more relaxed demeanor I have tried, tested and true processes that I follow to ensure that a client project runs smoothly from start to finish.

  • Been there…..came back!

    In October 2002, I left my full time web design career to start up my own web site design business called Platypi Designs in Guelph, Ontario.  I wanted more variety in my clientele and to work specifically with start-ups, small business and not-for-profits.

    I could tell you the story from start to finish in great detail but I’ll start off with the highlights and then if you would like the rest of the story we can grab a coffee.

    In my years in business I have experienced the following:

    • Sole proprietorship working with start-ups, small business and not-for-profits.
    • Business partnership with a web developer allowing Platypi to work on larger web projects.
    • Incorporation of Platypi and the addition of another web developer making us a team of 3.
      • Adding another team member changed our target audience to include medium size businesses and less of a focus on start-ups.
    • Hiring a web designer so that my time could be spent on project management, and business development.
      • Giving up web design was one of the toughest decisions I had to make but I did it for the good of the company.
    • Increased our team to 6 people.
      • All our staff was fresh from college and I made it my mission to provide the best first job ever.
    • After much consideration and soul searching I restructured Platypi by downsizing the company to just me and my team became my contractors on an as needed basis.
      • I returned to my roots and am now back to being a web designer who works one on one with start-ups, small business and not-for-profits as this is my passion.
    • In April 2013 I moved Platypi from Ontario to Alberta.
      • Due to the strong business relationships that I built with my clients in Ontario I continue to work with them as well as continue gain new ones.
      • I am now working at building up my reputation and referral network in Edmonton and surrounding areas such as Sherwood Park, St. Albert and Fort Saskatchewan.

    I’m thrilled that I had a chance to grow the company, have amazing team members and add extra skills to my toolbox.  Through that experience I know who I am as a business person, who I want to work with and how I can best serve my target audience and I’m happy to say that I’m doing that every day now.

  • Not your typical one man show

    Platypi isn’t your typical one man show.

    • Platypi is not an off-shore web design company.
      My core design and development support team are Canadian.  I can proudly say that some of the designers and developers that I contract to are past team members of Platypi.  The others are business associates that I have known and collaborated on projects with for several years.
    • I am the face of the business but my network of professionals makes Platypi a great success.
      I have spent my years in business developing a very large business network of professionals that I can call upon at any time for advice or assistance.   I refer clients to this same network to ensure they get the necessary solutions from the proper professionals.
    • I love getting to know people and their businesses.
      I am known for my personal approach to business.  I gain energy, excitement and inspiration from in person meetings.  That in turn carries through the entire project and the end result is a web design the client is happy with and a long term business relationship that I cherish more than anything.
    • I’m not going to be a millionaire.
      The projects that I work on will not make me a millionaire or allow me to retire unusually early.  I am perfectly fine with that.  While I need money to “put food on the table”, I can honestly say that I love what I do and who I work with.  We are not the cheapest solution out on the market but we have a lot to offer our clients in terms of the numbers of years of experience in the industry and our extensive referral network.
    • Mutual interviewing process
      Just like our prospects are screening Platypi to see if we’re a good match for them, we are doing the same.  We know who we work best with and the solutions that we offer.  No matter what the end result, I love to sit down and chat business with people.  I hope that our discussion will help them in the future.  If I do find that Platypi is not a good fit for the project I refer them to a company that is a better match.  It’s just the right thing to do.
  • And the winner is….

    Please find below a list of business and individual achievements we have earned over the years.

    • Business
      • 2006: Guelph Quality Awards, Platypi earned 2 certificates in People Focus and Planning
      • 2006: Platypi earned Outstanding Customer Service award
      • 2005: Youth Entrepreneur Award to Platypi Designs
    • Individual
      • 2008: Named one of Guelph Mercury Newspaper’s Top 40 under 40
      • 2007: Guelph Chamber of Commerce President’s Plaque for Exemplary Service
      • 2006/2007: Guelph YMCA/YWCA Women of Distinction nominee