Our Website Strategist

“All lasting business is built on friendship.”
Alfred A. Montaper

Tanya Riemann

Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Tanya Riemann and I’m the founder of Platypi Designs Inc.

In October 2002, I started this website design business in Guelph, Ontario.  Since then I have grown a lot as a website designer as well as a business person.  Combining my business and website design knowledge has allowed me to strategize with my clients to create websites that exceed their expectations.

In April 2013, I moved to Edmonton, Alberta and continue to operate Platypi Designs from here.  Today I continue to have a strong presence in Guelph, Ontario as well as in Edmonton, Alberta.  In 2017, Platypi became an international company by gaining a client in Adelaide, Australia.

My style of doing business is relatively casual but extremely professional.  I like to be relaxed, open and honest in business meetings.

I pride myself on not being “just a web site designer” but earning a person’s trust so that I become a valued business associate and perhaps, down the road, a friend.