Vibe Leatherworks
Client: Vibe Leatherworks

The client from Vibe Leatherworks had been building a site in a free web site engine and for the most part things were going well.   However a few issues arose over time and the free solution no longer met his needs and he found it difficult to get any proper support from their tech teams.

From the web site that was up and running we were able to understand the look and feel the client was going for and take the site to the next level by creating this new site in WordPress.  The design we chose allows the client to sort his leather projects into different categories and showcase them for all to see on his web site.   The site was designed to make sure that site updates are easy to do.

The client and Platypi worked closely together to ensure that the feel of the site matched his brand and he knows that from now on he will have someone to support him with his web site whenever he has questions.