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Happiness is when your website works for you 24/7

Are You Avoiding Your Website?

Did your previous website design process leave you feeling nervous about what you got yourself into and skeptical on what will be delivered?

After your web site went live, did your web designer forget about you?  Are you being charged ongoing fees with no real support?

Imagine having a website that fully captures your law firm’s culture and speaks to your target audience.

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Don't Lose Clients At The Front Door

Do you have to defend your website with “Sorry, we don’t have a website yet.  We’re working on it.” OR “Our site is a bit old, but it still has some good information on it.”?

Consistency is key when it comes to marketing and branding.  Your website is often your front door to clients and if your website doesn’t represent your law firm properly then you’re losing clients.

Did you know that established  and collaborative communication with your website designer can support you in achieving your business goals?

We Care About You And Your Business

Our websites will feel like an extension of your firm online.

With over 14 years of website design and business experience we know that the website design process can be daunting.  With our proven processes and our collaborative style we can guide you successfully through the project phases.

Website design is a creative process, but at our core we rely on defined timelines, effective and scheduled communication, and deadlines to see your project through to completion.

We have earned the trust and friendship of business owners because we sincerely care about them and their business.  We don’t just build websites we build an ongoing trusted business relationships that last decades.

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Come See How We Can Transform Your Business

Are you unsure of our dedication and commitment to you and your law firm?  That’s ok, we’ve only just met.

Get a taste of the Platypi experience by requesting a free video where Tanya, our experienced website strategist, will assess your website and provide insights and ideas for improvement.  No strings attached!

We promise you will get at least one idea that can help your business.