What do you know about WordPress?

We know that sometimes things aren’t always as they seem.  If either case scenario sounds familiar, we can help!  If neither sounds exactly like your situation please contact us and we’ll see what we can do for you.

Do-It-Yourself Scenario

You know you need a web site.  You have been hearing a lot about people doing sites themselves with something called WordPress.  Then you get to thinking “Heck, if they can do it so can I!”

You chat with a few associates and a couple of friends about what you’re planning on doing and everyone gives you the thumbs up.  They also offer up help if you need any.

You sit down at your computer, do a bit of research online and you might even call up your hosting provider to see if they can offer some insight as to how to start this whole process.   With a bit of effort you get WordPress installed.  The basic theme (template) is in place.   You have the web site login information and you log into the WordPress tools that will allow you to control everything about your site.  That was easy.

You take a look at the WordPress control panel, blink at the screen and think where do I start.


  • If you prefer the Do-It-Yourself experience, you will search online for every training video and tutorial available for WordPress and learn the system and be able to create a pretty decent web site.  Congrats!  Hope you’re enjoying the learning process.
  • However if you happen to not have a lot of spare time to sift through training tools that might not be 100% accurate to your current situation and you really just want to know “what you need to know for now” and then learn a bit more later, we have the solution for you.   We have experience training people who want to do most of the web site project on their own.  We love that you want to learn WordPress and want to take on this challenge.  Let us help you along the way by providing WordPress training when you need it.

Training Not Included Scenario

Your shiny new WordPress driven web site has officially gone live to the public.  You have been working with a web designer to get the right look and feel, providing web site content for all the pages, you have proofed every page when the site was still in draft mode.  You have paid your final invoice to the designer, and you now have the necessary access to get into WordPress’ administration tools so that you can add, edit and remove pages, content, etc as needed.

A month or so passes and you’re now ready to make some content changes to your web site.  You dig out the archived email that you got from the designer with the login information.

You login successfully. You take a look at the WordPress control panel, blink at the screen and think where do I start.    I never got training on WordPress.

We’re not sure why a WordPress site would be sold to a client without any kind of training included  but we do know that it happens.


  • If you like to challenge yourself you could search online for training videos and tutorials available for WordPress, learn the system and figure out the subtle nuances of your design and manage your site relatively well.  That’s great!  Keep up the great work.
  • However if you are pressed for time and really just need to know how your web site works and how to be able to edit different sections of it, we can help.  We take the time to find out learn your WordPress web site, including the unique features and functionality that it might have.  Training is completely customized to what you want to know.  Let us train you so that you feel confident doing your site edits.